Refurbishment Services

Refurbishment Services

The Rethinking Housing Refurbishment team can offer you advice and guidance based on years of experience.

RHF aims to provide a highly flexible service to fully meet the needs of each client. Flexibility and the ability to react and adapt to new circumstances is of paramount importance.

The team at RHF mentally approach the construction process from conception to completion, whether proposing alternative construction methods or sourcing alternative products. Learn more about us, click here.

House Refurbishment London – Rethinking Housing Refurbishment

We offer a list of services that contribute to your refurbishment processes, as well as offering advice to those who have problems before starting their initial work. If you require any, contact us today.


First of all, our main service is our consultancy work. If you need advice on how to transform your home, what will suit it, and budget ideas then give us a call today on 07949185448.

We also offer advice on those who cannot afford funding, or whether or not the council agrees. The customer always comes first. See: Advice for more than just a home.

Lighting Installation:

As part of our building arm of the company, we also employ a number of hugely talented individuals who can install bespoke designed rooflights.

The process of choosing a rooflight that will suit your home can be difficult as they are all so beautifully designed. However, view the ultimate guide of purchasing rooflights for your home. Click here.

Maintenance Services:

Before the start of a project can commence, preliminary work may need to be completed to ensure the process is smooth.

Here at Rethinking Housing Refurbishment, we handle this for you.

We provide a service that completes all the preliminary work before a refurbishment within a short time frame (depending on the size of the job). Find out more.

This work includes damp proofing, structural examinations, levelling of the ground and fencing to protect the public.

Find out more by emailing our customer service team at Alternatively, get in touch.

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